Learn More About Biofuel For Cars

The history of cars is as long as the history of fuel and carburant substances for cars. Actually, since the early years of 20th century Henry Ford already thought to fuel his first car vehicles with ethanol, while the first forms of diesel engines were supposed to use peanut oil.

Biofuel SystemsBiofuels Back On The Scene

However, the discoveries of large petroleum deposits in several areas of the globe kept the price of gasoline and diesel cheap for long years and, unfortunately, biofuels got rapidly forgotten by most of the existing automotive industries.

Now, the emerging problems related to the Earth’s conditions and scarcity of energy sources made the fuel-problem rise again. Gasoline and diesel are made of fossil substances whose time of reproduction by nature are extremely slow. As a consequence, there’s a major need for clean energy sources and renewable energies.

Ethanol As A Car Fuel

In certain countries of the world common gasoline is blended with ethanol, for example, in the US. On the other hand, in Brazil, gasoline has been replaced by pure ethanol and by biodiesel, which is a sort of new fuel made of diesel substances and palm oil.

As a result, biofuels turn out to be a very important resource, considering that cars represent a big source of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the most dangerous gas that causes global warming. Currently, the automotive industry turned more attentive and reactive towards the environmental problems, creating more advanced engines that can use biofuels.

Cars – Troubles And Most Common Emergency

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